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jleben commented Feb 11, 2013

An option to automatically save documents every now and then.

Tim has summed up examples from other code editors:

emacs does an autosave after a few hundred key strokes, gedit can be configured to auto-save every few minutes. kate and emacs save a temp file with the current state of the file while editing, so in case of a crash, one can recover the current state of the file


jleben commented Feb 11, 2013

Richard Wentk suggested:

it would be useful if I could persuade the IDE to save a document at every cmdPeriod


jamshark70 commented Feb 12, 2013

I'd suggest auto-save on cmd-. as an option, but not a replacement for timed backups. I hardly ever hit cmd-. so that wouldn't be useful to me if it's the only way to do auto save.

Also very important to auto-save to a temp file, as Tim suggested.

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scztt commented Apr 17, 2015

This was implemented in add4e05 and related.

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