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SequenceableCollection resamp0/1 broken (e.g. SplayAz) #727

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The following shows the problem:

SynthDef(\test1, {,});

which boils down to


Since I don't see any change in the resamp methods, perhaps somehow 0/0 was giving inf in an older SC version (3.5). Now it (correctly) gives nan, so there needs to be a protection against division by zero.

I suggest to change the following two lines:


var factor = this.size - 1 / (newSize - 1).max(1);

I think that SuperCollider isn't able to get a valid value from the operation "a/0".
We could just return "^this" for newSize=1, just not to create errors. The problem is that we have an interval, and resamp1(1) should return a number, which is ok in case our Collection is just one number. But in case our Collection was an Array, what would be the right number to represent that Array? Could we maybe return the average between the first and last values?

resamp1 { arg newSize;
if ( newSize==1, { ^this } , {
var factor = this.size - 1 / (newSize - 1);
^this.species.fill(newSize, { |i| this.blendAt(i * factor) })

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