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Enhancement: make certain cursor movements available as keyboard shortcuts? #729

joshpar opened this Issue Feb 18, 2013 · 1 comment

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joshpar commented Feb 18, 2013

Add control for some common emacs keybindings. Ctr-a and Ctr-e for beg and end of line seem to work but Ctr-f and Ctr-b for forward and backward chars and Ctr-p and Ctr-n for previous and next line don't.
Don't need to set or use the above as defaults, but it would be nice to add the ability to make these available as assignable keyboard shortcuts.

Sybn commented Mar 3, 2013

Every commands you state here works for me, on Ubuntu + Awesome WM.
I bet this is more likely an environment based issue ....

@scztt scztt modified the milestone: future Apr 18, 2015
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