@crucialfelix crucialfelix released this Nov 4, 2016 · 475 commits to master since this release

3.8.0 (2016-09-23)

Full Changelog

API change

  • Increase the default number of audio buses from 128 to 1024 #2239 by vivid-synth
  • server plugins: Unify panning behavior of granular ugens #2136 by snappizz
  • scsynth: commandline option (-B) to bind to specific address #2095 by llloret
  • PathName has potentially superfluous methods #1909 by telephon
  • class library: sound file view - rename argument startframe -> startFrame to match convention #1684 by telephon

comp: scsynth

comp: server plugins

comp: supernova

comp: sclang

comp: class library

comp: help

comp: HID

  • Update pointer to submodule hidapi #2420 by bagong
  • Adjust pointer to hidapi to fix cmp0048 bug breaking build for cmake … #2342 by bagong
  • Update pointer to hidapi submodule #2330 by bagong
  • HID: various small additions to adjust to developments in hid submodule #2123 by bagong
  • Switch to hidapi subomodule in sc org repo #2111 by bagong

comp: Qt GUI

comp: SCDoc

  • Adjust Help title for Windows return value of folder #2392 by bagong
  • fix link to class file source in scdoc header #2131 by snappizz
  • Change "source" to "helpfile source" in scdoc footer #2130 by snappizz
  • SCDoc HTML renderer includes literal spaces in links with anchors #1650 by jamshark70
  • SCDoc shows getters where there are only setters #837 by muellmusik

comp: build

  • Document cmake dependency for supernova #2207 by snappizz
  • Explain /path/to/qt5 in Linux README #2205 by snappizz
  • move jackey include dir from server to scsynth #2179 by flv0
  • Fix oscpack build fail on various architectures #2174 by danstowell
  • Simplify MS Compiler detection to avoid cmake warning #2120 by bagong
  • Travis: Update OSX build system and correct omissions #2092 by bagong
  • sclang: changed some boost code to std #2091 by llloret
  • Switch to portaudio repo in supercollider org #2088 by bagong
  • travis: move git key to env, aws fixes #1987 by scztt
  • Set correct hash for portaudio submodule #1971 by bagong
  • cmake: library locations, hide them from the default listing of user cmake variables #1968 by danstowell
  • Add cmake options list to READMEs #1965 by vivid-synth
  • Update linux travis recipe #1932 by patrickdupuis
  • build: bump GCC version requirement up from 4.7 to 4.8 #1839 by danstowell
  • Building master with gcc 4.7 fails due to 'is_trivially_destructible' in SC_PlugIn.hpp #1820 by danstowell

env: Qt IDE

env: scel

env: scvim

os: Linux

  • Do not allocate all channels reported by Pa_GetDeviceInfo / use memcpy instead of for-loop #1943 by hzulla
  • Fixes/alsa midi fixes #1760 by timblechmann
  • HID final cleanup, and LID adaption to use similar API #1573 by sensestage

os: Windows

  • Fix problem with boost interprocess module on Win #2457 by llloret
  • Update Windows Readme #2419 by bagong
  • Exception in World_New: boost::interprocess::intermodule_singleton initialization failed #2409 by brachna
  • Fix QLocalSocket problem under Windows #2197 by llloret
  • Windows exit nicely master #2107 by llloret
  • Make MIDI work on Windows (PR for master) #2106 by llloret
  • nsis windows for master branch #2103 by llloret
  • Make Vista the minimum required Windows version #2017 by llloret
  • Make the required version Windows Vista #2016 by llloret
  • sclang: Fix to get Object: render to work on Windows #1899 by antonhornquist
  • Windows: sclang crashes on executing menu-item "Quit interpreter"/freezes on evaluating 0.exit #1578 by bagong
  • Server not shut down on IDE-close #1449 by bagong
  • MIDI sysex is not implemented for Windows (SC_PortMIDI.cpp) #1200 by sensestage



architecture: arm

  • Provide compiler flags for armv6l and armv7l and add a few hints for building on RPi and headless #2065 by bagong





3.8.0 beta 1

@crucialfelix crucialfelix released this Oct 2, 2016 · 475 commits to master since this release

3.8 is light on new features and heavy on small bugfixes. See CHANGELOG.md for more details.

SuperCollider IDE

  • The middle mouse button now closes tabs.
  • A new menu entry, Language > Quarks, launches Quarks.gui.

SuperCollider Language

  • New methods: Classes/Function#-plotAudio, Classes/Bus#-plotAudio.
  • It is now easier to insert custom views, in particular subclasses of Classes/SCViewHolder, into layouts.
  • New methods: Classes/TreeView#-addChild, Classes/TreeView#-insertChild, and Classes/TreeView#-childAt, alias methods provided for symmetry with TreeViewItem.

SuperCollider Server

  • A new command-line option for scsynth, -B, allows binding to a specific address.
  • Classes/VOsc supports an audio-rate phasein argument.
  • Classes/TGrains supports numChannels set to 1.

API changes

  • The number of default audio buses has been increased from 128 to 1024.
  • Classes/TGrains, Classes/GrainBuf, Classes/GrainSin, Classes/GrainFM, and Classes/GrainIn now have unified panning behavior when numChannels is 2 and the pan exceeds the range [-1, 1].
  • Several old methods have been deprecated from Classes/PathName: *fromOS9, foldersWithoutCVS, isCVS, foldersWithoutSVN, isSVN, filesDoNoCVS, filesDoNoSVN, streamTreeNoCVS.
  • The argument "startframe" has been renamed to "startFrame" and "aSoundFile" to "soundFile" in the following methods of Classes/SoundFileView: loadFile, setData, readFile, read, readFileWithTask, readWithTask.


a test of non-qt build, please ignore.

@scztt scztt released this Sep 5, 2016 · 484 commits to master since this release

this is a test, please ignore.

It is intended to make a build without Qt



@crucialfelix crucialfelix released this Jun 3, 2016 · 1039 commits to master since this release

This patch release fixes the Windows including MIDI. HID is still not quite working on Windows. Many thanks to: @bagong and @llloret

SC VIM is now a git submodule. This affects mainly developers. VIM support can be installed as per the documentation - nothing has changed in how you use it. We changed this in 3.7.2 as well as on master (3.8 development) so that switching back and forth between branches wouldn't be super annoying.


  • Midi not working on Windows #1922
  • Windows: opening SC via system registered document types faulty #2022
  • HIDdef.element forwards arguments incorrectly #2090

Closed Pull Requests



@scztt scztt released this Apr 10, 2016 · 1060 commits to master since this release

3.7.1 (2016-04-10)

Full Changelog


  • Native FLAC support for scsynth on OS X #1783
  • Libsndfile: have cmake prefer homebrew install over bundled version #1870 (bagong)
  • OS X Readme: note that Qt 5.5 is required, not Qt 5.6 #1931
  • class library: node proxy: improve shape error post #1889 (telephon)
  • Server.schelp: fixed description of scsynth method, changed wording, … #1894 (miczac)


  • Windows build system #1900 (bagong)
  • cmake: fix build when using system boost #1896 (danstowell)
  • Correct accidental msys leftovers in findPortaudio #1941 (bagong)
  • Remove -fstrict-aliasing from the MinGW build to allow using MinGW 4.9.2 #1923 (bagong)
  • Quarks.update("quarkname") does not always update correctly #1895
  • fix #1895 : update Quark by git pull and git checkout master #1954 (crucialfelix)
  • Quarks Windows fixes #1956 (bagong)
  • Errors when closing scope window #1878

Windows: There are two builds, a 32-bit version (x86-MinGW) and a 64-bit version (x64-VS). The 64-bit build does not contain SuperNova. The source of the build is found in the branch 3.7win at the tag Version-3.7.1-win. There are two additional commits to vanilla 3.7.1. Note: MIDI support is still broken. Stay tuned...


3.7.0 beta 2

@crucialfelix crucialfelix released this Mar 7, 2016 · 1109 commits to master since this release

Note that the github generated source packages below are missing some of the code that is in git submodules.

For best results use git to obtain the source code:

git clone --recursive --branch 3.7 https://github.com/SuperCollider/SuperCollider.git

and follow the included build instructions.


3.7.0 beta 1

@crucialfelix crucialfelix released this Jan 19, 2016 · 1188 commits to master since this release

SC-9899190d8808191e871cbfced848d7791374ed8c.zip is the fully built OS X application (10.7+)

For other platforms you will have to build from source.

Note that the github generated source packages below are missing some of the code that is in git submodules.

For best results use git to obtain the source code:

 git clone --recursive --branch 3.7 https://github.com/SuperCollider/SuperCollider.git

and follow the included build instructions.


3.7.0 alpha 1

@scztt scztt released this May 25, 2015 · 1697 commits to master since this release

Merge pull request #1371 from supercollider/topic/fix-doc-modified-wa…


ide: Fix triggering of doc modified signal