@snappizz snappizz released this Nov 14, 2018 · 44 commits to 3.10 since this release

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Known issues:

  • FileDialog can hang — currently we are only able to reproduce on KDE, but other OS's could be affected (#3807).
  • On Windows and Linux, running code with Ctrl+Enter in the help browser (not the editor) only evaluates the current line (#3989).
  • QtWebEngine, a hard dependency of SCLang and SCIDE, is difficult or impossible to install in some environments (#4010). Work is underway to make it an optional component.

Changes since 3.10.0-beta2:

  • Fix incorrect template matching behavior in OSCFunc and related functionality (#4027).
  • Fix supernova's response to /g_queryTree so it matches scsynth (#3221).
  • Fixed bugs in SoundFile:cue introduced in previous beta versions (#3728).
  • Fixed "Message 'extension' not understood" preventing Image from working (#3728).