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Field types


This lets you define the width of a block as well as left and right padding. This field simply outputs three sets of classes which can be defined when setting the field up.

width Field Settings width Field

Author Instructions

This lets you output markdown instead of a field, which is useful when you have a Matrix block that doesn’t have any fields.

Author Instructions Example

Categories (multiple groups)

A Categories input that lets you select multiple Category groups.


An Entries input that only shows the ancestors of the current Entry.

Search Fields

Like the Tags input, but for Entries and Categories (without the auto-creation feature).

Disabled Fields

The same as regular fields, but disabled. Useful for situations where you want to integrate with a third party API and store that information in a field but don’t want the user to change it.

The following field types are currently supported:

  • Entries
  • Categories
  • Lightswitch
  • Number
  • PlainText
  • Dropdown


Roll Your Own

A simple widget that lets you assign a template to load from your site templates folder. Go nuts.

Config variables


Default: true

Set this to true to force all instruction links to open in new a window/tab.


Download File

A controller action that will force download a file.

The id parameter is required and must be a valid Asset id.


<a href="{{ actionUrl('supercoolTools/downloadFile', { id : }) }}">Download</a>
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