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Releases: supercopier/SuperCopier2

SuperCopier 2.2 beta

21 May 11:05
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  • Complete rewrite of the copy interception system, adds support for
    Windows Vista, Seven and all 64 bit Windows. For now, compatibility with
    Windows 95, 98 and Millenium has been dropped and 'handled processes' is
  • Added options to sort the copy list. You can either click on the column headers
    or use the 'Sort' context menu item.
  • Separated attributes copy from security copy.
  • User interface improvements, including:
  • Reintroduced Supercopier 1.35 like cursor for copy speed limitation.
  • Popup menus from file collision and file error windows now automatically
    popup when the button is hovered.
  • Copy window is no more a tool window, so now it has standard buttons like
    minimize, maximize and system menu. This should also fix problems with
    non standard themes.
  • Many bugfixes (about 100 bugs were treated).

SuperCopier 1.35

21 May 11:04
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SuperCopier 1.35 Pre-release

Last version of Supercopier 1.xx, with yet-unreleased source code.
At version 1.35, the code was so sloppy that I decided to stop adding features, back then the version was entirely bug-free.

SuperCopier 2 beta 1.9

21 May 11:05
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  • Better handling of transfer resume (overwrite if resume is not possible
    and new option to force resume without file age verification).
  • Pause can now be used during waiting state or during copy list creation.
  • Better handling of temporization on retry after copy errors
  • Added a notification balloon for insufficient disk space windows.
  • Corrected speed issues with networked copies (especially on upload).
  • Fixed bug with handled processes name case.
  • Fixed bug with language files loading.
  • Fixed one bug with files larger than 4GB (one more :).
  • Fixed bug while cancelling the insufficient disk space window.
  • Fixed bug with renaming on file names containing dots.
  • Fixed bug with 'Always overwrite if different' option for file collisions.
  • GUI bug fixes and enhancements:
  • Lowered CPU usage.
  • Fixed blinking problem with themes.
  • Fixed problem with copy window minimize button click.
  • Better handling of copy window buttons focus.
  • Hopefully fixed the problem with systray progress bars for copy

SuperCopier 2 beta 1

21 May 11:05
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SuperCopier 2 beta 1 Pre-release

Complete rewrite.
... So many new things but it's too long to enumerate :)