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Live Blog

Sourcefabric's Live Blog is an open source web app that enables journalists to provide immediate and ongoing coverage on evolving news events. Find out more here:

See an example of Live Blog in action here:

License: AGPLv3

Copyright: Sourcefabric z.ú.


  • Access to sources: Drag and drop search results from social media and other content networks into your Live Blog timeline.
  • Themes: Customise Live Blog to match your site’s design and make it look great on mobile and tablet.
  • User roles: Build a team workflow for multiple collaborators with appropriate sign-offs and permissions.
  • Easy embedding: Simply copy and paste an embed code from the Live Blog interface and start spreading the news.
  • Blog chaining: Connect several blogs to syndicate your content to other media outlets.
  • SEO solution: With our new embed plugin you can integrate an html version of the blogs into your website:


Please check the installation guide:


Manuals and Tutorials


Live Blog is based on Superdesk technology.

How To Contribute

Commit messages

Every commit has to have a meaningful commit message in the form:

[JIRA ref] [JIRA Title] or [Title]
<empty line>

Where JIRA ref is the Issue code eg. LB-13.

For trivial changes you can ommit JIRA ref or Description or both eg. Add travis.yml files

Pull requests

Every pull request has to have a meaningful message and if not specified in the commits, a good description of what has been done.