@mdhaman mdhaman released this Oct 11, 2018 · 2 commits to 1.25 since this release

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Superdesk Change log

  • Multiple schedule for Templates
  • Showing Crops of Feature Media for Authoring
  • [SDESK-3454][SDESK-3468] Use 'region' and 'country' vocabularies in Location and Contacts forms.

Superdesk Planning Change log

  • [SDESK-3436] Planning item was locked after an event was created and closed.
  • [SDESK-3442] Assignments state violation when autosaved planning item is saved after assignment is moved from workflow.
  • [SDESK-3469] Don't show three-dot menu in Assignment preview in authoring workspace.
  • [SDESK-3393][SDESK-3444] Assign events to calendar feature and bug fixes for assigning agenda to a planning item.
  • [SDESK-3454][SDESK-3468] Use 'region' and 'country' vocabularies in Location and Contacts forms.
  • [SDESK-3455] Use user preferred country to prefill 'country' field of a new location.
  • [SDESK-3453] AAP: Hide the Slugline on the Event form.
  • [SDESK-3477] Publishing planning item on assignment state changes.
  • [SDESK-3452] Prefill 'place' for events and planning. Prefill 'desk' for text coverages.

Superdesk Analytics Change log

  • (chore): Move functionality from SourceCategory into SavedReportsService.
  • (feature): Client & Server Highcharts config generator.
  • [SDESK-3319] Embed charts in the html body of scheduled report emails
  • [SDESK-3183] Content Publishing Report
  • [SDESK-3320] Ability to manually email a scheduled report