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Add version of publisher to superdesk
Dec 22, 2016
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Update 1.0

@petrjasek petrjasek released this Oct 24, 2016 · 540 commits to master since this release

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Superdesk is more than an end-to-end news creation, production, curation, distribution and publishing platform. We at Sourcefabric also see it as the cornerstone of the new common open source code for quality, professional journalism.

Since our last release, 1.0 beta1, we have focused on making Superdesk more stable and reliable. We have also got important feedback from our users, which have been translated into several improvements, mainly related to user experience. And yes! you will also find a few new cool and useful features:

Content profiles management

An easy-to-use user interface to create and edit content profiles. A Content Profile in Superdesk is the definition of the data structure (content and metadata fields and their attributes) for the different types of content produced in the newsroom.

Data updates and Schema migration

To ensure that upgrading Superdesk to a new version won't harm neither the existing application data nor the news content, we have introduced a mechanism to handle this in a safety way. Data updates and schema migration allows developers to easily write routines that will run during upgrade time to guarantee the database will remain consistent.

Improved Content Editor

The new Content Editor that allows journalists to combine text with different media assets (e.g. images, videos) including social media embeds has received an important update. Users can now sort the different content blocks in a much easier way by performing a selection and then cutting and pasting the block in any other place of the news story. Other minor improvements in terms of optimization and a good amount of important bug fixes make the Content Editor part of this release a much better tool to work with.

Other changes

System features

  • Enforcement of more secure passwords
  • Options to filter users in Users Management by state (active, inactive, disabled, etc.)
  • Fresh installation or sample data. A way to install Superdesk with just the minimal configuration data and zero content required for Superdesk to work, so that you can configure it from scratch to your needs. You can still install it loading some sample data to play with.

Editorial features

  • Content profiles can now be associated to Desks
  • Improved advanced search


Superdesk 1.0-rc1 uses Superdesk server core 1.3.2 and Superdesk client core 1.3.1. For a more precise list of changes, see:


@mugurrus mugurrus released this Aug 31, 2016

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Test validation fixes


@mugurrus mugurrus released this Aug 25, 2016

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update cores
Jul 14, 2016
core updated

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core updated

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