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Releases: superdesk/superdesk


17 May 13:11
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Release notes - Superdesk - 2.6.1


SDESK-6887 We introduced a caching mechanism for the publishing - checking products and filters more efficiently


SDESK-6762 code is shown instead of a proper label inside filter condition drop down list

SDESK-6777 Article preview triggered in addition to the open editor, after returning from another application

SDESK-6779 Publish schedule dialog: Text color in Timezone field is not visible

SDESK-6786 UI color issue in media upload photo category drop down

SDESK-6789 Characters typed in user search in user management section are not visible

SDESK-6829 Planning: Ingested item is published twice if a Calendar or Agenda is assigned in the RoutingRule

SDESK-6830 The related item in the item preview is not updated.

SDESK-6847 event times are using old UTC offset when creating events for date after the switch to summer time

SDESK-6850 Checkbox to set authors private was removed in 2.6

SDESK-6857 all day events show wrong date in preview when viewed from toronto

SDESK-6883 newsroom ninjs format publising doesn't work when there is a content filter on a desk


SDESK-6768 Search field fixes and improvements in SD Core

SDESK-6876 fix calendars translations mapping in elastic


SDESK-6766 handle semicolons (and other possible special characters) in the metadata mapping of image uploads

SDESK-6785 Handle the user message that a Metadata CV was updated in a less disturbing way

SDESK-6812 improve content expiry handling


14 Mar 15:25
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Full Changelog: v2.3.7...v2.3.8


07 Mar 16:30
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Full Changelog: v2.3.6...v2.3.7


24 Feb 16:45
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broadcasting-0.8 Pre-release
disable some extensions


20 Jan 16:36
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SDESK-6439 Planning: As a SD admin I want to ingests events based on the Events ML format

SDESK-6440 Planning: As a SD admin I want to properly handle, store locations/POI data upon ingesting the respective Event XML files

SDESK-6441 Planning: As a user I want to autopost event items

SDESK-6480 Planning: As a SD admin I want to ingest planning items

SDESK-6537 Planning: As a SD admin I want to assign Calendars/Agendas to Events/Planning Items as a routing rule

SDESK-6609 Planning: As an administrator I would like ingested Events & Planning items to be updated

SDESK-6646 Planning: As a SD admin I want to have a flag "no end time" stored for ingested events that arrive without an end time set


SDESK-5748 Validate characters function is not working for the body field

SDESK-6020 `show_expression` attribute is not escaped

SDESK-6104 Indefinite Loading is displayed for planning items when scrolled deep down to a future date

SDESK-6402 Content profiles for non-text items: Issues with menu under + button for adding fields

SDESK-6403 Content profiles for non-text items: Missing fields in authoring UI

SDESK-6404 Picture profile - change icon to image

SDESK-6408 Content profile dialog: After checking a few widgets, user is able to click on Save button multiple times which invokes error

SDESK-6410 New content profiles: Editor3 content profile cannot be edited

SDESK-6436 Right side panel's pinning feature resizes authoring window

SDESK-6559 Ingested planning items don't have 'created' info displayed in the preview

SDESK-6560 'Go to items' button for planning ingest takes the user to global search instead of planning section

SDESK-6573 Investigate and fix elastic mapping error on fireq instances

SDESK-6587 Ingest dashboard does not count event and planning items

SDESK-6610 Planning - Featured stories window is not displaying featured planning items

SDESK-6632 Cannot access manage planning or events profiles

SDESK-6634 Planing module goes blank after typing to Location field in Event form

SDESK-6643 Failed to save autosave item error when adding a coverage contact

SDESK-6655 Highlights view: Blinking when clicking on content type icons in the top bar AND when using search bar

SDESK-6666 'go to' option when closing an unsaved item from currently working section does not work

SDESK-6684 UI issues in modal related to hyperlink insertion in body html

SDESK-6685 the user name in inline comments section is followed by some internal code which should be omitted in UI

SDESK-6688 Translation link missing in the list view

SDESK-6692 Remove formatting does not work in body_html

SDESK-6696 admin user can't clear their own session but can clear other user sessions

SDESK-6698 In spike and confirmation window for an event the according date is not shown under the label

SDESK-6704 User avatars need to be aligned in comments widget

SDESK-6705 Package widget frames are smaller

SDESK-6712 field type 'Datetime' is presented with 1 day back shift in authoring

SDESK-6713 Values in the CV can not be found in the settings nor in the filter conditions view

SDESK-6734 SAMS: Runtime errors in SAMS workspace causing entire page to go blank when using 2.6 beta branch

SDESK-6735 Picture correction not being saved

SDESK-6755 filter conditions with like operation don't match the items as expected

SDESK-6758 Media contact cannot be added to events

SDESK-6767 screen goes blank when attempting to set a starting date for event


SDESK-6528 Planning: Provide Ingest Source filter for 'Events & Planning' and 'Planning Only' views

SDESK-6531 Multi edit save improvement

SDESK-6546 Event and planning ingests appear in global search under provider but will not show results

SDESK-6586 Planning: Include Product IDs when publishing Planning items


SDESK-6516 Implement backend API to create rundowns

SDESK-6557 fix superdesk backend tests to run on python 3.10

SDESK-6597 set up a test environment based on beta2.6 with an RC of the version 3.0 of the UI framework

SDESK-6604 Do a smoke test including the components planning based on a SD2.6 RC using the UI framework 3.0

SDESK-6611 Enable search highlights on /ingest and /published apis\

SDESK-6618 display description of (ingested) audio and video files also in the preview

SDESK-6728 create SD2.6 release

SDESK-6730 Fixes remaining UI issues in SD beta/2.6-updated, framework 3.0 and Planning beta/2.6

SDESK-6736 fix failing tests after updating ui framework

SDESK-6768 Smaller UI fixes in SD Core


09 Jan 12:46
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broadcasting-0.7 Pre-release
enable rundown item display name customization


25 Nov 10:41
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Full Changelog: v2.5.1...v2.5.2


14 Dec 11:50
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broadcasting-0.6 Pre-release
avoid updating docker images on prereleases


01 Dec 08:03
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broadcasting-0.5 Pre-release
avoid updating docker images on prereleases


16 Nov 08:45
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broadcasting-0.4 Pre-release
implement data upgrade script for rundown_items

to populate rundown