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BrightnessMenulet is an Mac OS X app that allows you to control display brightness via DDC/CI protocol
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Philips 4065UC


Brightness Menulet

Allows you to control monitor brigthness via menu in status bar.

This tool works on OSX 10.8+. In 10.8+, I2C tools are not able to detect monitor buses for communication. The main API calls for DDC communication is deprecated so this project could be obselete if Apple completely removes CGDisplayIOServicePort. If you have tested your monitor(s) with this tool, please let me know wether it worked or not so I can add monitor models here. Preference's Debug button logs to the console VCP codes and their values on the selected monitor.

Download app build:


Working Non-Working
Dell U2014h Dell P2715Q
Dell U2414h Philips 4065UC
Dell U2415h Dell P2412H
Dell U2515h  
Dell U2715h  
Dell U2713HM  
Dell P2415Q  
Dell S2216M  
Samsung SA 350  
BenQ G2410HD  
Viseo 230Ws  

If you have tested your monitor(s) with this tool, please let me know whether or not it work and I will update this table.


  • Automatic Brightness using built in light sensor (Modify LMUController’s percentageForSensorValue: to your liking)
  • Multi-Monitor support (no limit to amount of monitors)!
  • Compatible with OSX 10.8+


  • Support for other monitor makes (Currently only tested on Dell and certian HP displays)
  • Time based settings
  • Add keyboard bindings


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