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Zend Framework 2 module for Dojo 1.8 integration
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WARNING this module is an abandoned mess. If there is anyone who wants to take it over, please just ask. For myself, I realised it was just easier to use zf2 and dojo without any integration code, you just don't need it.



DojoModule is a module for Zend Framework 2 that will enable easy use of Dojo 1.7.


DojoModule uses composer to install.

Add the following to your project root composer.json:

    "repositories": [{ "type": "composer", "url": "" }],
    "require": {
        "superdweebie/DojoModule": "dev-master"

Adding Required Modules

Add any dojo modules you want to use to the require array of a config file. Eg:

'sds' => array(
    'dojo' => array(
        'require' => array(

Adding Stylesheets

Add any dojo related css you want to use to the stylesheet array of a config file. Any [THEME] references will be replaced with the configured dojo theme name. Eg:

'sds' => array(
    'dojo' => array(
        'stylesheets' => array(
            'dojo/parser' => array(

Basic DojoModule Usage

If you wish to use dojo, place the following line at the beginning of your view script:


Also make sure the following lines are in your view script, after the activation call shown above:

<?php echo $this->headLink() ?>
<?php echo $this->headScript() ?>

Finally, get the theme for use in the body tag:

<body class="<?php echo $this->dojo()->getTheme();?>">

Dojo builds

Build profiles can be made by executing vendor/bin/dojo-module

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