0.0.5: no entries in notification #7

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it seems that 0.0.5 has stopped to expose items to the notification event at all. At least dummy.xml doesn't work anymore.



Any idea of what could be wrong? What is the format you're using for your subscriptions? ATOM or JSON?


Martin, I am quite puzzled, because I just did tests using both json and atom, and they both worked. If would really help if you could tell me more on what exactly is failing.


I'm using json and I guess that the point.

Using basic.js example and triggering dummy.xml in the xmpp console on superfeedr.com the "notification.entries" array is empty on "notification" event. (notification.feed is there)

{ feed:
{ url: 'http://superfeedr.com/dummy.xml',
title: 'The Dummy Time Feed',
httpCode: 200,
httpStatus: '7452B in 0.065089192s, 1/10 new entries',
period: 900,
nextFetch: 1332611325000,
lastFetch: 1332610436000,
lastParse: 1332610436000,
lastMaintenance: 1332537123000 },
entries: [] }

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