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Welcome to superfluid protocol-monorepo 👋

npm GitHub package.json version (subfolder of monorepo) npm npm npm GitHub package.json version (subfolder of monorepo)
Twitter: Superfluid_HQ

Contracts and resources for the Superfluid Protocol

🏠 Homepage

Superfluid App

📖 Docs

The Superfluid Protocol is a framework that realizes the real-time finance vision where user accounts are connected together, and transactions can happen between user accounts instantaneously as a result.

This repository implements the superfluid protocol as Ethereum contracts. It also contains a Javascript SDK for developing Web3 applications using the superfluid protocol.

For technical document, references and tutorials, etc, refer to the docs site.



Version License: AGPLv3

EVM contracts implementation for the Superfluid Protocol.

If you're interest in peeking under the hood, then check out the contracts package.


Version License: MIT

SDK-Core is an application framework for interacting with the Superfluid Protocol without Solidity knowledge.


Version License: MIT

SDK-Redux is an application framework for building front-end applications that interact with the Superfluid Protocol.


License: AGPLv3

Hot-fuzz is a wrapper of Echidna with additional helper for fuzzing your Superfluid smart contracts applications, including Super Apps.


License: AGPLv3

Official subgraph for the Superfluid Protocol.


Version License: MIT

⚠️ This package is fully deprecated, use sdk-core instead ⚠️

You can get the last release of js-sdk at the branch here.

Javascript SDK for building with Superfluid Protocol.

Bug Bounty

Click here for more information regarding our Bug Bounty.


See our examples repo for some Superfluid app examples.


Contributions, issues, and feature suggestions are welcome! See to get started.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (🐸):

Joshua Trujillo


Manav Darji


Drew Fisher




Omidiora Samuel








Bertrand Juglas

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!