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Fly is a hosting platform for running app servers close to users.

 # Ship a Docker image
 flyctl deploy

 # Launch it in multiple regions
 flyctl regions add ams hkg sjc

Where to go

  • flyctl
    The command line interface for deploying and managing Fly hosted applications.
  • Speedrun
    A really quick start, deploy a Docker image to Fly with just a few commands.
  • Documentation
    Reference documentation for the Fly platform, configuration options, etc.
  • Fly JS (deprecated)
    The Fly JavaScript runtime for building edge apps.

Write for Fly

We are building a library of example projects, articles, and technical explainers. We'll pay you to help, just head on over to the project board and see what's going on.

We're looking for two things:

  1. Example applications that demonstrate how to build server applications that run close to users.
  2. Articles about the plumbing underneath modern infrastructure

Example Apps

The best example apps demonstrate interesting problems developers can solve by running apps close to users. These apps should be small in scope and single purpose. They're not meant to be run directly, they're demonstrations of ideas that developers can apply to their own projects.

Explainer Articles

It is helpful for developers to understand the plumbing underneath their infrastructure. Technical explainers help with this, and should cover some part of internet/hosting infrastructure.


Deploy app servers close to your users. Package your app as a Docker image, and launch it in 17 cities with one simple CLI.