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Watermark Images

This Fly App example demonstrates a powerful capability the Image API. It grabs a photo of a hot air balloon, and then "watermarks" it with the Fly logo. Like this:

Watermarked balloon

Try it out

npm install -g @fly/fly
fly new watermark-image -t watermark-image
cd watermark-image
fly server

Then open http://localhost:3000

Make some changes

cd watermark-image
open index.js

How it works

The code fetches both images in parallel, using the built in Promise.all support.

Once it has the source image (the picture constant in the code) and the watermark file (the logo constant), it adds padding to the watermark to give it a little room to breathe once it's place on the picture.

Padding an image requires two functions, extend to make the canvas larger, and background to specify a canvas background color (in this case, transparent).

Once it has a nicely padded watermark, it uses picture.overlayWith function to draw the watermark onto the original picture. This function has a gravity option to control positioning, by default it would put the watermark in the center, passing Image.gravity.southeast puts it on the bottom right instead.

Returning the watermarked picture to a user is as simple as reading the ArrayBuffer and sending a Response with the right content type.

Try changing it!

You can set the pictureURL to any image URL you want and see how it works. If you use a PNG or GIF for the source picture, make sure you change the content type on response.

Play around with the various image API calls as well. Change watermark background colors, or mess with gravity on the overlayWith function call.

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