Control manages the lifecycle of clusters on your infrastructure and allows deployment of applications via HELM. Its deployment and configuration workflows will help you to get up and running with Kubernetes faster.
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Supergiant Control - Beta

Create HA K8s clusters on multiple clouds. Simplify K8s deployment and management, easily configure and deploy Helm releases, and view at-a-glance metrics for cluster usage. Want to skip the rest and install SG Control? Get started here.


  • Create K8s clusters on AWS and Digital Ocean
  • Upstream, Certified Kubernetes (version 1.11)
  • Helm releases made easy with an intuitive UI
  • At-a-glance metrics of cluster resource usage
  • Pluggability for SG Capacity and SG Analyze


Control is one of three applications created by Supergiant to simplify the administration and operation of Kubernetes. For information on other Supergiant applications, see: