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This is a beta release which tests whether the framework is 100% functional with the Framework folder refactor.

Would not run in production.

  • - src/RiotQuest/Components/Framework has been flattened to parent directory


This release replaces the internal code generator used for DTO's. There are no changes for the consumer.

There has also been a couple code style fixes.

  • + New Codegen
  • - Old Codegen


Moves the old LeaguePosition and LeaguePositionList helpers into the new LeagueEntry(List) classes.

Cleans up codestyle across entire project.

  • + Adds new methods to LeagueEntry & LeagueEntryList
  • + Codestyle across entire project


Turns the application class into a singleton. Adds type declarations where it's possible.

This means that RiotQuest will not be functional for PHP 7.0. You need to use PHP 7.1+

  • - PHP 7.0 Support
  • + Type Declarations for most functions


This removes the deprecated /lol/league/v4/positions/by-summoner/{encryptedSummonerId} endpoint and replaces it with the new one.

  • + New League endpoint
  • - Deprecated endpoints


Fixes issue with Symfony\DotEnv

  • + Bugfix


Fixes issue with Summoner->getProfileIcon

  • + Bugfix


Adds the new LeagueEntries endpoint and removes one environment variable

  • + Adds new LeagueEntries endpoint
  • - RIOTQUEST_LOAD_ENV variable removed because you're forced to use the env.


Replaces a few old modules (API unchanged) and fixes some datadragon stuff


Removes the CLI and adds cache bypassing

  • + Bypassing the cache timer (forces request to APIs)
  • - Removes the CLI due to bugs


Patches up final issues with 1.0.2 cache bug

  • + Complete cache model fix


Fixes deprecated CLI where commands would not be loaded.

  • + Patch for Laravel environments
  • + Minor Cache fix where directories would not be found


Fixes an error with Composer loading library before environment in Laravel environments.

  • + Changes API: adds Client::boot()


This release marks the initial release of RiotQuest

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