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Tiny package for connecting with the League Client APIs. Inspired by lcu-connector
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LeagueConnect is a basic module for connecting to the League Client APIs, heavily inspired by LCU-Connector by Pupix.


Retrieve the credentials for the API:

import Connector from 'league-connect';

// Extracts the entire lockfile into an object.
const credentials = await Connector.connect();

Connect to the Client WebSocket:

import Connector from 'league-connect';

const ws = await Connector.getWebSocket();

Send a request to any API:

import Connector from 'league-connect';

const credentials = await Connector.connect();

// If you're sending anything with a body, use the body field.
const response = await Connector.sendRequest({
    url: 'lol-summoner/v1/current-summoner',
    method: 'GET'
    /* body: {} */
}, credentials);
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