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Redqueue is a light weight queue server that speaks memcache protocol
and provides persistent queue based on log. It is writen in python
using the high performance tornado frameworks, currently all the
functions are in a single file which contains only less than 300 lines
of effective code.
Redqueue is free and unencumbered public domain software.
== Install and Run
Install tornado and (optional) python-memcached for client testing
Get the source from
% python install
Make the log dir
% mkdir -p log
Run the server
For more options please run
% --help
== Reserve/delete mode
Reserve/delete mode is currently the sole mode, once an item is fetched, a delete request must be send later to mark the item is used, or else the item will be recycled back later.
>>> mc.set('abc', '123')
>>> v = mc.get('abc')
>>> if v is not None:
>>> mc.delete('abc')
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