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Tiny C games you can compile and run RIGHT NOW.

Tools and libraries are available for making cross-platform C games, but simple examples can be hard to find.

This project is an example of how you can get started making a game in C that will work on Windows, Mac and Linux.


Tet Flappy Blocko



A Tetris clone which is getting way too large. Cool animations, sound, controller support, multiplayer etc. This is too much for a "tiny" game so I'll be paring it down and moving the fully featured version to its own branch or repo.


The original tiny game. It's just Flappy Bird in only around 200 [normal] lines of code. So no dumb tricks, I hope :)


A Minecraft (Infiniminer?) clone with too many features once again. Dynamic lighting and overly complex procedural generation. Also needs to be simplified for this repo.


A top-down adventure game with an overworld and a dungeon. Very minimal, no ending. Too much procedural generation!


A quick hack to make Zel into more of a 2D platformer. Very rough around the edges. The intention is to add a simple level editor.

How do I do it?


  1. TCC, SDL2, and GLEW are already included!
  2. Open a game folder and run run-windows.bat
  3. For OpenGL games you will need the Windows SDK from Microsoft


  1. Install clang by typing "clang" in Terminal and clicking the Install button.
  2. Open a game folder and run


  1. Install tcc, SDL2-dev, and GLEW-dev.
  • Debian/Ubuntu:
    sudo apt install tcc libsdl2-dev libsdl2-ttf-dev libglew-dev
  • Fedora:
    sudo dnf copr enable lantw44/tcc
    sudo dnf install gcc tcc SDL2-devel SDL2_ttf-devel glew-devel
  1. Open a game folder and run


After you're done playing an exhilirating demo game, open the .c file in your favorite text editor. You're now looking at the actual code you just ran. So feel free to tinker and run it with your changes. Or use it as a starting point for your own game!