A simple, gesture-based counter for iPhone.
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Aecount is a simple, gesture-based counter for iPhone. It was created for my wife, who needed a counter app to help with her knitting, and she was unhappy with all other counter apps on the App Store. The goal was to have a (mostly) gesture-based app, with nice animations.

Usage instructions

  • Tap to increment.
  • Swipe right to decrement.
  • Pinch to reset.
  • The upper label is the title of the counter.
  • The lower label is the current goal.

Things to do

There are plenty of things one could do to improve Aecount. Here are a few ideas:

  • Multiple counters
  • More color schemes
  • Saving to iCloud
  • Better sounds


Aecount requires iOS 5.0. The project uses ARC, and requires Xcode 4.4 or newer. The git-flow branching model is used.

Aecount uses CocosDenshion for playing audio, and the Chunk typeface by Meredith Mandel. I've included these directly in the repository. If this is a problem, please contact me.


Aecount on the App Store

Windows Phone version

Aero Deko

Johan (@suprjohan) on Twitter