Aecount for Windows Phone.
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Aecount for Windows Phone

This is the Windows Phone port of my iOS app called "Aecount". It is a very simple gesture-based counter app. You can set the title and goal.

The app is still very much work-in-progress. I only started writing in order to learn both C# and the Windows Phone frameworks better. Feedback on code quality is very welcome, and encouraged. I'm sure the code is full of iOS-isms. (in fact, the SettingsHelper class is quite NSUserDefaults-influenced...)

Implemented so far:

  • Increment. (tap on the count, or swipe to the left)
  • Decrement. (swipe to the right)
  • Increment/decrement animations.
  • Reset the count to 0 by pinching.
  • All values are saved to IsolatedStorageSettings.
  • Pinch animations.
  • Visual representation of the goal.

Things in the iOS version that are still missing in the Windows Phone version:

  • Sounds.

Aecount uses the Chunk typeface by Meredith Mandel. I've included it directly in the repository. If this is a problem, please contact me.

Oh, and this is what the app looks like:

Aecount WP8 screenshot


Aecount on the Windows Phone Store

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