The Jumalauta Collection for iPhone
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The Jumalauta Collection

A collection of demos for iPhone

aka a transparent attempt to get some demos on the app store

update 5 february 2018: the attempt worked! the app is available on the app store

Some backstory: I tried to get Worlds on the App Store, but it was rejected several times, due to what Apple calls "minimal functionality" (well duh). We came up with a two-step plan to get the demo on the App Store, of which this was the first.

The idea was that maybe they'd be okay with demos if there was at least some functionality, i.e. several demos, selectable from a menu. I coded the app in a couple evenings, and added some of our HTML prods to pad out the content. I didn't want to spend too much time on it, due to the uncertainty of it being approved. Now that it is approved, I might actually work on it some more. Make it look nicer and such.

The great thing is that now we have a way of getting demos on the store as we make them.

The second part of the plan was that we'd make a fairly simple, Jumalauta-like game, with demos as bonus content. That's no longer necessary, but we might still make the game. We brainstormed it for a bit, and got a little excited about the idea. We'll see.