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Hatsune's Notes

An unofficial iOS app for プリンセスコネクト!Re:Dive.
Hatsune's Notes is the app name and PrincessGuide is the project name.
Looking for an Android app? Try this one ShizuruNotes

How to install

Install via TestFlight

Open this link on your iPhone or iPad:

Install via AltStore

Download the newest ipa file from release.

Why not release on App Store

Cygames does not allow this app and it has been removed from App Store.


  1. Chara
    • Skill Effect
    • Attack Pattern
    • Status
    • Profile
    • Equipment
    • Image Viewer
  2. Equipment
    • Drop Rate
    • Status
    • Raw Material
  3. Quest
    • Normal
    • Hard
    • Very Hard
    • Exploration
    • Clan Battle
    • Story Event
    • Dungeon
    • Luna's Tower
  4. Enemy and Boss
    • Status
    • Skill Effect
    • Attack Pattern
    • Resistance
  5. Birthday Notification
  6. Chara Management
  7. Box Management
    • Equipment Needed
    • Mana Cost
    • Experience Needed
  8. Team Management
    • Recording Wins and Loses
    • Searching with Tags
  9. Game Version Log
  10. Event Calendar
  11. Game Data Auto Updating

How to localize

By now, Hatsune's Notes provides Chinese and English localization fully, and Japanese partially.
If you want to localize the app, please goto ./Localizations/PrincessGuide/ and edit the .xliff files.
If you want to add a new language please tell me.
For developers only, if you have macOS and Xcode, please read ./Localizations/ and use those scripts to export or import localization.
Most of the Japanese localizations are done by CaiMiao and Vibbit.

How to build


  • iOS 13.0+
  • Xcode 11.0+
  • Swift 5.1+


  • Clone the repository
$ git clone
  • Open the workspace in Xcode
$ open PrincessGuide.xcworkspace



Follow and contact me on Twitter. If you find an issue, just open a ticket. Pull requests are warmly welcome as well.