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Project Lithium Engine

An experimental, modular HTML5 game engine designed by Steven Holms and Reuben Lifshay

Project Lithium Engine is now going into deep freeze. I am the only one doing any development on it, and I've come to realize that doing a generic game engine is very difficult and I don't have the experience to do one myself.

The good news:

I'm not giving up on making a game engine, and more importantly, this project won't disappear. I'm forking Lithium Engine to create my rebuild of Project Helium, as Lithium does have a great structure to follow. Because Lithium Engine has some great ideas, I'll be backporting very generic engine utilities from Project Helium into Lithium, when Project Helium is finished. My goal is to make Project Lithium a standard starting point for building a custom JavaScript engine. Project Helium will be the first game to demo what that should look like. I'll provide documentation here as that project takes shape.

The bad news:

Project Lithium Engine will be dormant for some time. Its in a fairly broken state currently, and that won't change too soon. Lithium Engine may never become a fully featured game engine in and of itself. The new direction will be to create a framework for building an engine inside of.

Sorry for those of you following this project, but definitely keep up with development of the improved Project Helium, which will start posting code in the coming days.