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Codes and experiments for paper "Automated Spectral Kernel Learning". Preprint.
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Automated Spectral Kernel Learning


This repository provides the code used to run the experiments of the paper "Automated Spectral Kernel Learning" (


  • Python 3.7.4
  • Pytorch 1.2.0
  • CUDA 10.1.168
  • cuDnn 7.6.0
  • GPU: Tesla P100 16GB

Core functions

  • implements the algorithm to construct an one-layer neural network, including initialization of trainable weights and untrainable biases as well as feature mapping (cosine as activation).
  • implements useful tools including load svmlight style dataset and classic datasets used in Pytorch but also various loss functions are introduced.
  • records optimal parameters for the proposed algorithm.


  1. Download datasets for multi-class classification (
  2. Run the script to tune parameters and record them in
  1. Run the script to obtain results in Experiment section
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