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A Mono and .NET library for the Dribbble API, built using C#
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A C# wrapper for the Dribbble API based on the Ruby wrapper Swish at

Learn about the Dribbble API at


// Find a player
var player = Player.Find(1);

// Find a players shots
Player player = Player.Find(1);
PaginatedList<Shot> shots = player.Shots();

// Find a player followers
PaginatedList<Player> followers = player.Followers();

// Find followers of a player
PaginatedList<Player> following = player.Following();

// Find a players draftees
PaginatedList<Player> draftees = player.Draftees();

// Find a shot
Shot shot = Shot.Find(21603);

// Shots by everyone
PaginatedList<Shot> everyone = Shot.Everyone(perPage:2);

// Debuts shots
PaginatedList<Shot> debuts = Shot.Debuts(perPage: 2);

// Popular shots
PaginatedList<Shot> popular = Shot.Popular(perPage: 2);

// Find a shots rebounds
Shot shot = Shot.Find(59714);
PaginatedList<Shot> rebounds = shot.Rebounds();

// Comments for a shot
Shot shot = Shot.Find(59714);
PaginatedList<Comment> comments = shot.Comments();

// Checkout the Tests for more!!


Hammock is a REST library for .NET that greatly simplifies consuming and wrapping RESTful services.


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