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  • 增加 SEO 设置
    • 支持配置文件为全局设置 SEO Title、Description meta
    • 支持文章详情页面根据 “文章标题+SEO Title”设置每个页面的标题
    • 支持文章设置 Description meta



A simple Hexo template with great performance on different devices, ported from a Typecho theme by Cho, forked and modified from icylogic.

template preview


Install theme and renderers:

$ git clone https://github.com/tufu9441/maupassant-hexo.git themes/maupassant
$ npm install hexo-renderer-jade@0.3.0 --save
$ npm install hexo-renderer-sass --save

Then change your theme setting in _config.yml to maupassant.


Default config:

fancybox: true ## If you want to use fancybox please set the value to true.
duoshuo: ## Your duoshuo_shortname, e.g. username
disqus: ## Your disqus_shortname, e.g. username
uyan: ## Your uyan_id, e.g. 1234567
gentie: ## Your gentie_productKey, e.g. fc799538c7ad4cf5a5a0c2877a90cbd7
google_search: true ## Use Google search, true/false.
baidu_search: ## Use Baidu search, true/false.
swiftype: ## Your swiftype_key, e.g. m7b11ZrsT8Me7gzApciT
tinysou: ## Your tinysou_key, e.g. 4ac092ad8d749fdc6293
self_search: ## Use a jQuery-based local search engine, true/false.
google_analytics: ## Your Google Analytics tracking id, e.g. UA-42425684-2
baidu_analytics: ## Your Baidu Analytics tracking id, e.g. 8006843039519956000
show_category_count: false ## If you want to show the count of categories in the sidebar widget please set the value to true.
toc_number: true ## If you want to add list number to toc please set the value to true.
shareto: true ## If you want to use the share button please set the value to true.
busuanzi: true ## If you want to use Busuanzi page views please set the value to true.
widgets_on_small_screens: false ## Set to true to enable widgets on small screens.

  - page: home
    directory: .
    icon: fa-home
  - page: archive
    directory: archives/
    icon: fa-archive
  - page: about
    directory: about/
    icon: fa-user
  - page: rss
    directory: atom.xml
    icon: fa-rss

widgets: ## Six widgets in sidebar provided: search, category, tag, recent_posts, rencent_comments and links.
  - search
  - category
  - tag
  - recent_posts
  - recent_comments
  - links

  - title: site-name1
    url: http://www.example1.com/
  - title: site-name2
    url: http://www.example2.com/
  - title: site-name3
    url: http://www.example3.com/

  - num: 1
    word: 2014/06/12-Start
  - num: 2
    word: 2014/11/29-XXX
  - num: 3
    word: 2015/02/18-DDD
  - num: 4
    word: More

# Static files
js: js
css: css

# Theme version
version: 0.0.0
  • fancybox - Enable Fancybox
  • duoshuo - Duoshuo shortname
  • disqus - Disqus shortname
  • uyan - Uyan id
  • gentie - Gentie productKey
  • google_search - Default search engine
  • baidu_search - Search engine for users in China
  • swiftype - Swiftype Search key
  • tinysou - Tiny Search key
  • self_search - A jQuery-based local search engine, with the dependency on the plugin hexo-generator-search.
  • google_analytics - Google Analytics tracking id
  • baidu_analytics - Baidu Analytics tracking id
  • show_category_count - Show the count of categories in the sidebar widget.
  • toc_number - Show the list number of toc.
  • shareto - Enable share button
  • busuanzi - Enable Busuanzi page views
  • widgets_on_small_screens - Show the widgets at the bottom of small screens.
  • menu - Customize your menu of pages here, just follow the format of existied items. Don't forget to create corresponding folders inlcuding index.md in source folder to ensure the pages will correctly display. FontAwesome icon fonts have been integrated, and you can choose other icons which you like here and use them according to the instruction.
  • widgets - Choose and arrange the widgets in sidebar here.
  • links - Edit your blogroll here.
  • timeline - Show a timeline of the website by setting layout: timeline of a page.
  • Static files - Static files directory, for convenience of CDN usage.
  • Theme version - For automatic refresh of static files on CDN.



You can set a favicon.ico for your website, please put it into source folder of hexo directory, recommended size: 32px*32px.

You can add a website logo for apple devices, please put an image named apple-touch-icon.png into source folder of hexo directory, recommended size: 114px*114px.


You can control the abstract of a post shown at index, by either filling a description: item in front-matter of the post.md, or just inserting a <!--more--> before your hidden content.


Create folders inlcuding index.md in source folder to add pages, and add a layout: page in front-matter of index.md. If you need a single column page without sidebar, just set layout: single-column instead of layout: page.

Table of Contents

TOC in a post can be enabled by adding a toc: true item in front-matter.


Comment feature of each post and page can be enabled (default) and disabled by adding a comments: true or a comments: false in front-matter. This could be useful when you want comment feature for a guestbook page, but don't want comment feature for a about page.

Syntax Highlighting

Highlighted code showcase is supported, please set the highlight option in _config.yml of hexo directory like this:

  enable: true
  auto_detect: true
  line_number: true

Math Equation


mathjax: true

in Hexo's _config.yml.

In the post which you would like to use math equation, add mathjax: true in the front-matter. For example:

title: Test Math
date: 2016-04-05 14:16:00
categories: math
mathjax: true

The default math delimiters are $$...$$ and \\[...\\] for displayed mathematics, and $...$ and \\(...\\) for in-line mathematics.

However, if your post contains dollar signs ($), and they appear often in non-mathematical parts, in other words, you want to use $ as dollar sign not inline math delimiter, please add

mathjax2: true

in Hexo's _config.yml instead of mathjax: true. Correspondingly, add mathjax2: true to the front-matter of the post in which you would like to use math equation.

See the example.


Seven languages are available for this theme currently: Simplified Chinese (zh-CN), Traditional Chinese (zh-TW), English (en), French (fr-FR), German (de-DE), Korean (ko) and Spanish (es-ES). Contributions of translating to other languages will be highly appreciated.


  • Check whether your Terminal's current directory is in hexo's root directory which contains source/, themes/, etc.

  • If you have any trouble in using this theme, please feel free to open an issue.

Browser Support



All kinds of contributions (enhancements, new features, documentation & code improvements, issues & bugs reporting) are welcome.

Looking forward to your pull request.


Thanks for all the contributors of this theme. .

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