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Integration Example for the Gemini App
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Integration Example for the Gemini App

This code is a fully deployable demo application integrating the face/id matchineg gemini application. It is programmed with the AWS Serverless Application Model. To use it, follow these 10 steps.

  1. Log into your Gemini profile and copy the API Key.
  2. Log In your AWS account or create one if necessary.
  3. In 'Services → EC2 → Parameter Store', create a SecureString parameter with the name /gemini-app-integration/api-key and your API Key as a value. Use the default encryption key named alias/aws/ssm that AWS creates for you automatically.
  4. In 'Services → S3', create an S3 bucket for AWS SAM to deploy the code
  5. In 'Services → IAM → Encryption keys → ', copy the ID of the encryption key aws/ssm that you used above to create the secure parameter.
  6. If you do not have it, install the awscli command line tool of AWS.
  7. Execute the following command by filling in the name of your s3 bucket and the id of the encryption key
S3_BUCKET_NAME=<s3_bucket> S3_PREFIX=gemini-app-integration/code KMS_KEY_ID=<id_of_aws_ssm_key> STACK_NAME=gemini-app-integration ./
  1. In 'Services → API Gateway', choose the api you just created with the command above, it is called gemini-app-integration like the stack you created in step 7.
  2. Under 'Stages', choose the Prod stage and follow the URL to test the gemini application.
  3. To delete the installed application, go to 'Services → Cloudformation'
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