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reviewthis is a simple Sinatra app that parses github commit messages and sends email notifications based on their contents. We use it to request code reviews from other team members.


If a commit message includes the hash #reviewthis, any github user (signified by @username) will get an email (if they have a public email address in their github profile). Also, any email address included gets an email as well. An example commit:

git commit -am 'I fixed that one nasty bug. #reviewthis @supermatter'

To use it, just set a Post-Receive URL for your repo to and You're all set!.

Roll Your Own

If you want to roll your own, reviewthis is set up to be easily deployed to heroku. Here's how.

Heroku Deployment

Note this assumes you have the heroku gem installed and configured).

git clone
cd reviewthis/
heroku create
heroku addons:add sendgrid:starter
git push heroku master

Now, just take the app name that heroku created for you, and set it as a Post-Receive URL for your repo. You're all set!

Non-Heroku Deployment

If you don't want to use Heroku, you'll have to adjust the smtp config values in the production environment. Otherwise, it should work out of the box.


Besides Sinatra, reviewthis requires

Note that the sendgrid add-on limits you to 200 messages per day.