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File any bug reports, suggestions, or feedback!


We're fresh out the gate, but many people have been wanting to chip in to help us make the VR Web a thing. We are just three people so we definitely need all the help we can get!

Testing and Feedback

The greatest thing we appreciate and helps us out the most is just jumping into the headset, trying our projects out, and letting us know what you think. For instance, if you see a broken site on Supermedium or something. Whether that be bugs, suggestions, or input on the roadmap:

Let us know if there is a communication channel that you prefer.

Build with Supercraft

Try out Supercraft, build something, and publish it! This adds another site to the WebVR ecosystem, and we can feature it through our homepage, Twitter, or our Instagram. This also helps collect feedback!

Suggest or Develop a WebVR Site

The more great content we feature on Supermedium, the better! If you see a WebVR site (e.g., on the Web or Sketchfab) or have developed a WebVR site (e.g., A-Frame, Supercraft) that you think we should feature, let us know! We're happy to answer any development-related questions.

We prefer 6DoF-enabled content, see our frendly development guidelines.

Direct Code Contributions

Core projects such as Supermedium and Supercraft are primary closed-source, although we use those projects to backport improvements and stress test A-Frame and components. We also open source reusable components and let people know of patterns we find.

Help with A-Frame and the ecosystem indirectly help us both in improved tools and freeing us up a bit to innovate on more projects. We still spend a lot of our effort helping developers, and there are still tons of stuff we would like to do with A-Frame like write more guides. Everything helps.

We do open source our experiments and various one-off WebVR applications (Super Says or Gunters of OASIS. Code contributions are definitely accepted for those. We come from open source and love it when we find stuff we can open up. If you particularly like any of those projects, feel free to jump in!

Leaving a Review

A review on Steam or Oculus would be greatly appreciated! As is word of mouth, we're still small fish, we could use some help growing a bit if you like what we have.


Issue tracker for Supermedium and Supercraft. Bug reports, suggestions, feedback!



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