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Moon Rider


Surf the musical road among the moon, stars, and northern lights.

A side project built by two people in a few months to show off VR running inside a webpage. Built with HTML, JavaScript, and A-Frame. Not meant to be an official game nor commerical product. Moon Rider is meant to be an open source resource for the web developer community to learn from, and to push forward the open WebXR initiative.


Read more about it with elliottate at

Song maps are sourced from with expressed support from the Beat Saver community admins. Supports all browsers and headsets (incl. Quest). If there are any issues, file an issue here on GitHub or leave a message in the Supermedium Discord.

Try the site out now in your browser!

Featuring various modes:

  • Ride Mode - Just sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Punch Mode - Crush the stars.
  • Viewer Mode - Watch the beatmap within your browser.
  • Classic Mode - Surf and slice along the musical road.

Big thanks to @elliottate for helping out with this!


Have Node (< v12, recommended v11) and npm installed.

npm install
npm run start

Then head to localhost:3000 in your browser.

Remixing and Forking

Make this game your own! Some easy ways to mess around:

  • To modify or add more color palettes, change src/constants/colors.js.
  • To change images, replace images in src/assets/img/ folder. For example, replace the moon at `src/assets/img/moon.png'.
  • To change models, replace models in src/assets/models/ folder. For example, replace the arrow blocks at src/assets/models/arrowblue.obj or arrowred.obj.
  • To change sounds, replace sounds in src/assets/sounds. For example, replace the hit sounds at src/assets/sounds/.
  • Change various values such as speed in src/state/index.js or BEAT_PRELOAD_TIME in src/components/beat-generator.js to mess with how fast you travel along the curve, or how much reaction time until the notes arrive to the player.

Other ways such as adding more modes are more involved, but with knowledge of A-Frame and JavaScript, is doable!

Test URL Parameters

URL Parameter Description
?debugcontroller={classic, punch, ride} Show controllers and move them with shift/ctrl + {h, j, k, l}
?debugbeatpositioning={classic, punch} Show all notes in possible positionings.
?debugstate={loading, victory} Show loading or victory screen.
?skipintro=true Skip introduction screen.

Deploying to GitHub

Showing off some crazy customizations? Enable GitHub Pages deployment to deploy gh-pages branch, and then:

npm run deploy

The website will be available on


πŸŒ•πŸ„πŸΏ Surf the musical road among the stars. Side project built by two people in a few months to demonstrate WebXR.








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