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SuperMemo Assistant

What is it?

SuperMemo Assistant supercharges your SuperMemo with powerful features:

  • Do you want to incrementally read PDF files ?
  • Would Chrome or Firefox be more convenient to import web articles ?
  • Do you need LaTeX to display scientific formulas ?
  • Or to quickly lookup word definitions from the dictionary ?

You can now do all of this and more, right in SuperMemo. Get started now !

Reading PDF in SuperMemo

The PDF plugin unlocks the powers of SuperMemo for PDF files and books:
  • Extract text, images & snapshots
  • Built-in OCR (formulas & text)
  • Built-in Dictionary
  • Text format is preserved
  • Multi-selection with ctrl

Incremental PDF Plugin

Keyboard & Mouse controls

  • Core features
    • Open a PDF: Ctrl+Win+I
    • Knowledge
      • Alt+X: SuperMemo Extract (extract selection as text or image)
      • Ctrl+Alt+X: PDF Extract (extract selection as pdf pages)
      • Ctrl+L: Pass to SuperMemo (Learn)
      • Ctrl+Shift+Delete: Pass to SuperMemo (Delete)
      • Ctrl+Shift+Enter: Pass to SuperMemo (Done)
    • Selection
      • Text selection
        • Mouse selection over text: Select text
        • Double Click on word: Select word
        • Shift+Click on text: If a selection already exists, extend selection to selected character
      • Page selection
        • Double Click on page: Select page
        • Shift+Click on page: If a page selection already exists, extend page selection to selected page
      • Image selection
        • Mouse click on image: Select image
      • Area (snapshot) selection
        • Mouse selection over page: Clip area as image snapshot
    • Bookmarks
      • Enter: Go to bookmark
      • Ctrl+Alt+X: PDF Extract (extract bookmark page range as pdf pages)
  • Knowledge Tree
    • Alt/Ctrl+Arrows: Pass to SuperMemo
    • Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right: Go to previous/next Sibling in KT
    • Ctrl+Alt+Up: Go to Parent in KT
    • Ctrl+Alt+Down: Go to first Child in KT
  • PDF
    • Navigation
      • Up/Down: Line up/down
      • Left/Right: Previous/Next page
      • Pg.Up/Down: Previous/Next page
      • Home/End: First/Last page
      • Ctrl+G: Go to page [WIP]
    • Text Selection
      • Shift+Left/Right: Extend text selection (character by character)
      • Ctrl+Shift+Arrows: Extend text selection (word by word) [WIP]
      • Shift+Pg.Up/Down: Extend text selection (page by page)
    • Misc
      • Ctrl+C: Copy selection
      • Escape: Deselect Area

View Modes

View Modes

  • 1: Toggle inter-page margin
  • 2: Single page mode
  • 3: Continuous vertical page mode
  • 4: Continuous horizontal page mode
  • 5: Grid mode
  • 6: Book mode


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