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Awesome Supermemo

A list of resources for SuperMemo users.


Official Websites

  • SuperMemo (windows)
  • SuperMemo Online (web, mobile)
    • - Online SuperMemo (Web & Browser), and associated applications
    • Olive Green - Site dedicated to the first interactive SuperMemo movie (Olive Green)

Official Emails (Updated yearly)

  • bug2020 (@) supermemo (.) org - Bug Reporting
  • woz2020 (@) supermemo (.) org - Piotr Wozniak

Community content

Discussion groups

  • Discord - Most active chat server, run by the community (this GitHub)
  • Subreddit - Most active and maintained SuperMemo Subreddit
  • Subreddit - Unmaintained SuperMemo Subreddit

YouTube Channels




Complementary Apps

SuperMemo Assistant

  • SuperMemo Assistant - Companion app for SuperMemo 17+ which supercharges its functionalities through plugins
  • Incremental PDF - SMA Plugin which unlocks the power of SuperMemo for PDF files
  • LaTeX - SMA Plugin which integrates LaTeX in your SuperMemo elements
  • Import - SMA Plugin which import your Chrome/Firefox tabs and your favourite RSS/Atom feeds in your collection
  • Dictionary - SMA Plugin which lookups words definitions, and inserts them in your collection if desired


  • Backup Guide - recommended backup strategy
  • BitShelter - Free Snapshots & Backups software for Windows
  • Duplicati - Free software to store encrypted backups online for Windows, macOS and Linux

Running SM on Linux

  • SuperMemo Wine - Project to make SuperMemo for Windows editions runnable with Wine


  • Article Parser - Removes unwanted formatting from imported articles
  • Storepiece - For storing and sharing items
  • Combine ePub - For easily coalescing your ePub books into a single, SuperMemo-friendly html file
  • Mathpix - For converting math pictures & screenshots to LaTeX
  • Image occlusions, quick hooks & more - Script for improving image occlusions inside SuperMemo. Also includes tools for quickly changing the hook, compressing images, etc.
  • Quick priority - Script for binding Alt+0-9 in numpad to quickly prioritize your elements
  • Quick intervals - Script for quick changing of interval
  • Anki2sm - Script for converting Anki decks to SM collections

PDF to Supermemo Conversion

Notetaking Apps

  • Notion - All-in-one workspace for your notes tasks wikis and databases
  • Cintanotes - A Note-Taking Application for Windows

Browser Plugins

  • Open in IE - For moving articles to IE for mass import



Articles on Spaced Repetition and Supermemo