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inherit kernel-uboot
python __anonymous () {
kerneltype = d.getVar('KERNEL_IMAGETYPE', True)
if kerneltype == 'uImage':
depends = d.getVar("DEPENDS", True)
depends = "%s u-boot-mkimage-native" % depends
d.setVar("DEPENDS", depends)
do_uboot_mkimage() {
if test "x${KERNEL_IMAGETYPE}" = "xuImage" ; then
uboot-mkimage -A ${UBOOT_ARCH} -O linux -T kernel -C none -a ${UBOOT_LOADADDRESS} -e ${UBOOT_ENTRYSYMBOL} -n "${DISTRO_NAME}/${PV}/${MACHINE}" -d ${B}/arch/${ARCH}/boot/Image ${B}/arch/${ARCH}/boot/uImage
addtask uboot_mkimage before do_install after do_compile
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