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wpfinger - turn ship upside down  
wpfinger is a tool that can analyze the Wordpress plugin repository
and generate signatures based on diffs between each version of the 
plugin. wpfinger can then use these signatures to scan a website 
running Wordpress, and detect the presence of any plugin in the 
repository as well as infer the installed version.

wpfinger is written in Python, and expects Python 2.5 or above. 
To use the repository checkout feature, you must also have subversion

This tool is only intended for legal uses. I am not responsible
for any abuse of this tool. 

Usage: [options] [WORDPRESS_URL]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -g, --generate-sigs   Update repo, crawl stats, and generate signatures.
  -q, --quick-generate  Only perform signature generation (no stats/repo
  -r REPO, --repo=REPO  Specify the path to the checked out repository.
  -p PLUGIN, --plugin=PLUGIN
                        Specify the plugin to scan/generate signature for.
  -n NUMBER, --number=NUMBER
                        Specify the number of plugins to scan/generate
                        signatures for.
  -t THREADS, --threads=THREADS
                        Specify the number of threads to scan with.
  -d, --disable-dirmatch
                        Disables the use of directories as last resort. Useful
                        as a way to speed things up, and possibly deal with
                        difficult servers.
  -s SIGNATURE_FILE, --signature-file=SIGNATURE_FILE
                        Specify the signature file to use (ex.

wpfinger has two modes: signature generation mode and Wordpress
scanning mode. You can technically generate signatures and scan
in the same command, but you probably don't want to do this.

Signature generation works by taking a checked out repository and
plugin statistics, and going (in order of popularity) through the
repository and building signatures. The signatures are makeshift
binary search trees that rely on diffs between each tag
and the trunk that can be checked remotely to make decisions. When
done, the signatures are saved to a Python file.

Scanning works by taking the previously created signatures and
using them to test first for the presence of each plugin, and then
to walk down the tree to find what version is installed.

Signatures are provided by default, but they may not be the most
up-to-date ones. I'll try to generate them once a week, but if I
don't, well, you have the tools to do so yourself.

- Initial release

- Improve the code so peoples' eyes stop bleeding
- Improve signature generation speed (probably with filecmp)
- Improve detection rates and lower required number of requests

Copyright 2011, Ben Schmidt
Released under the GPL v3

Happy hacking! Please send any bugs to:
supernothing AT spareclockcycles DOT org


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