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Welcome to the PSpec wiki!

Current caveats, as of Feb. 16, 2010:

PSpec works with the January release of Rakudo Perl 6.

It DOES NOT work with the new ‘master’ branch of Rakudo as of Feb. 15th.
As the new master will be used to make the next official release,
PSpec will most likely NOT work with February’s release.

The only changes required specification-wise to make PSpec work
with the new Rakudo, is to change all instances of: ‘class ____ is also’ to
‘augment class _____’, however there are plenty of other regressions
in the new master that prevent PSpec from working with it.
The Rakudo team is working hard to get all of the regressions fixed,
but it will take time, and any help that we as a community could offer,
would greatly be appreciated.

If you are looking for a somewhat stable release of Rakudo that runs
almost all of the existing Perl 6 software, use January’s release, the
code base for which still exists in the Git repository as the ‘alpha’ branch.

If you want to help test the new master, which is significantly improved in many ways,
and is far more powerful and flexible, then please, try the new master, and report
what no longer works that did in the old master.

Let’s help make Rakudo Star, the best usable release possible!