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Include whitespace-only text nodes

Also includes whitespace at the beginning of a text node.

Without this, we throw away information needed to create an exact
round-trip copy of the input, as well as information needed to create
a canonicalized version of the XML Document.

Should only affect the .nodes() interface, as well as .contents().
.elements() and XML::Text.string should be unaffected. Note that
XML::Text.Str may be affected.
latest commit 54382e943c
@retupmoca retupmoca authored
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comments.xml Works with latest Rakudo. XML comments are currently broken.
emitter.t Tests rely on module being installed by default, as per Panda.
example.t Include whitespace-only text nodes
example.xml Added more docs, cleaned up, removed deprecated stuff.
namespaces.xml Improve namespace handling:
parser.t Allow single-quoted attributes
proxies.t Include whitespace-only text nodes
query-methods.t Include whitespace-only text nodes
query-positional.t Bug fixes and API changes.
query.xml Works with latest Rakudo. XML comments are currently broken.
test1.xml Overhaul of elements(), added positional matching rules.
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