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#!/usr/bin/env perl6
BEGIN { @*INC.push: './lib' }
use Test;
use Flower::TAL;
plan 7;
my $xml = '<?xml version="1.0"?>';
## test 1
my $template = '<test><upper tal:content="uc:string:A test of ${name}, in uppercase."/></test>';
my $tal =;
is ~$tal.parse($template, name => 'Flower'), $xml~'<test><upper>A TEST OF FLOWER, IN UPPERCASE.</upper></test>', 'uc: modifier';
## test 2
$template = '<test><lower tal:content="lc:default">I AM NOT YELLING</lower></test>';
is ~$tal.parse($template), $xml~'<test><lower>i am not yelling</lower></test>', 'lc: modifier';
## test 3
$template = '<test><ucfirst tal:replace="ucfirst:\'bob\'"/></test>';
is ~$tal.parse($template), $xml~'<test>Bob</test>', 'ucfirst: modifier';
## test 4
$template = '<test><substr tal:replace="substr:\'theendoftheworld\' 3 5"/></test>';
is ~$tal.parse($template), $xml~'<test>endof</test>', 'substr: modifier';
## test 5
$template = '<test><substr tal:replace="substr:\'theendoftheworld\' 3 5 1"/></test>';
is ~$tal.parse($template), $xml~'<test>endof...</test>', 'substr: modifier with ellipsis';
## test 6
$template = '<test><substr tal:replace="substr:\'theendoftheworld\' 3"/></test>';
is ~$tal.parse($template), $xml~'<test>endoftheworld</test>', 'substr: modifier without length';
## test 7
$template = '<test><printf tal:replace="printf: \'$%0.2f\' \'2.5\'"/></test>';
is ~$tal.parse($template), $xml~'<test>$2.50</test>', 'printf: modifier';
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