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#!/usr/bin/env perl6
use lib 'lib';
use Test;
use Flower::TAL;
plan 7;
my $xml = '<?xml version="1.0"?>';
## test 1, group
my $template = '<table><tr tal:repeat="row group:items 2"><td tal:repeat="col row" tal:content="col"/></tr></table>';
my $tal =;
is ~$tal.parse($template, :items(['a'..'d'])), $xml~'<table><tr><td>a</td><td>b</td></tr><tr><td>c</td><td>d</td></tr></table>', 'group: modifier';
## test 2, sort
$template = '<fresh><i tal:repeat="item sort:items" tal:content="item"/></fresh>';
my @items = 5,3,7,1,2;
is ~$tal.parse($template, :items(@items)), $xml~'<fresh><i>1</i><i>2</i><i>3</i><i>5</i><i>7</i></fresh>', 'sort: modifier';
## test 3, reverse
$template = '<reverse><i tal:repeat="item reverse:items" tal:content="item"/></reverse>';
is ~$tal.parse($template, :items(@items)), $xml~'<reverse><i>2</i><i>1</i><i>7</i><i>3</i><i>5</i></reverse>', 'reverse: modifier';
## test 4, limit
$template = '<limit><i tal:repeat="item limit: items 2" tal:content="item"/></limit>';
is ~$tal.parse($template, :items(@items)), $xml~'<limit><i>5</i><i>3</i></limit>', 'limit: modifier';
## test 5, limit using a variable
$template = '<limit><i tal:repeat="item limit: items ${limit}" tal:content="item"/></limit>';
is ~$tal.parse($template, :items(@items), :limit(3)), $xml~'<limit><i>5</i><i>3</i><i>7</i></limit>', 'limit: modifier using a variable';
## test 6, shuffle
$template = '<shuffle><i tal:repeat="item shuffle: items" tal:content="item"/></shuffle>';
my $doc = $tal.parse($template, :items(@items));
my @is = $doc.root.elements(:TAG<i>);
is @is.elems, 5, 'shuffle: proper number of elements returned';
## test 7, pick
$template = '<shuffle><i tal:repeat="item pick: items 3" tal:content="item"/></shuffle>';
$doc = $tal.parse($template, :items(@items));
@is = $doc.root.elements(:TAG<i>);
is @is.elems, 3, 'pick: proper number of elements returned';