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@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ Note: Flower is not yet complete, and is still missing a lot of functionality.
* There is NO support for anything but well-formed XML.
There is no equivelant to the Petal::Parser::HTB, and no plans for one.
Use well-formed XML, it's just better.
+ * Flower supports petal:block elements, as per the PHPTAL project.
The above list will be updated as this project is developed, as I'm sure
other changes will be introduced that be a gotchya for Petal users.
@@ -45,12 +46,16 @@ modifiers. The following sets are planned for inclusion:
- List, same as the :list set from Petal::Utils
- Hash, same as the :hash set from Petal::Utils
- Date, similar to the :date set from Petal::Utils, using on DateTime::Utils
- Not exactly the same, it offers strftime:, iso: and rfc: and works on
+ Not exactly the same, it offers strftime: and rfc: and works on
DateTime and Date objects in addition to epoch timestamps.
+ If you pass a DateTime or Date object without one of these filters you
+ will get its standard stringification form (ISO by default.)
-URI is not included, and neither is debug, but that's okay, because dump:
+URI is not included (feel free to write it if you need it) and neither is
+Debug, but that's okay, because dump:
is built into Flower (it does a .perl on the object.) I'm sure new exciting
-libraries will be made adding onto these.
+libraries will be made adding onto these (a JSON dumper would be nice.)
= Author: Timothy Totten
= License: Artistic License 2.0
@@ -1,8 +1,13 @@
-Short Term
+Short Term (October 2010)
+ - Make Handlers able to support options such as noxml and forcexml.
+ - Finish implementing Flower::Utils, as per the README.
+ - Add dump: handler to DefaultHandlers, as per the README.
+Medium Term (December 2010)
- Implement METAL support.
- Implement query caching.
-Long Term
+Long Term (2011)
- Implement I18N support.
- Implement on-error.

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