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Updated documentation to reflect future plans for Flower.

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=== Flower -- Petal for Perl 6
+NOTE: A massive rewrite is planned for Flower that will vastly change how
+ it works, and what it's capable of. When it's done, Flower will be
+ a LOT more than what it is now. See docs/TODO.txt for more details.
Petal is the Perl Template Attribute Language (Perl 5), and is derived from the
TAL, METAL and TALES specifications from Zope (Python).
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Things yet to do (in the order they will likely be done in):
+ - Massive rewrite! The original Flower was sort of based
+ on Petal from Perl 5. Sort of, but not really.
+ Since then, it's diverged quite significantly.
+ However, I have also started my own fork of the Perl 5
+ Template::TAL library, and really like the module way
+ that it is structured. I intend to completely restructure
+ Flower to be more modular like Template::TAL. The various
+ XML sublangs will be separated out into their own libraries,
+ the same way that 'modifiers' are done now.
+ The exact implementation details are not quite settled upon yet.
+ This will make Flower into an XML extension and manipulation framework
+ rather than just an implementation of TAL/METAL/TALES,
+ although those will still be the default sub-langs.
- Finish implementing Flower::Utils, as per the README.
- - Implement query caching.
+ Although they will no longer by in that namespace, as they will be
+ using the new framework described above.
+ - Implement query caching (it will be optional)
- Implement multiple paths (/test/path1 | /test/path2) support.
- Implement on-error.
- - Implement I18N support.
+Things not likely to be done by me (feel free to do them):
+ - The I18N sub-lang.

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