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nodemoo - A multi-player text adventure written in node.js
It's kinda like a MUD or a MOO, and best resembles a multi-player
text aventure. Oh, and it's written in Javascript.
This is the core engine, and a few example rooms.
It's under rapid development, and there is no stable API. Things are
being changed, refactored, rewritten, and generally overhauled faster than
you can say "oh". That said, it works, in a limited sort of way.
= Implemented =
* Rooms
* Room chat
* Private chat (whisper)
* Emote
* Basic navigation ("go north" or "n")
* Mixins
* Basic world config
* Login based users (with optional passphrases.)
* Simple permissions (build, admin, etc.)
* Built-in default god user (cannot be killed, can always grant, etc.)
= TODO =
* Items
* Inventory
* Light / Visibility
* Stats
* Persistence (saving Rooms and Clients to disk.)
* Color/ANSI terminal effects.
* Lots of other stuff
= Future =
Expanding it beyond a traditional MUD/MOO, such as an optional web interface,
more gaming abilities, etc.
= Author =
Tim Totten
= License =
Artistic License 2.0
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