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HTTP::Client -- Perl 6 library for building HTTP Clients
NOTE: This library is going to have a major rewrite coming up shortly.
A lot of things will be gutted and overhauled.
Stay tuned for more details!
Inspired by LWP and HTTP::Client from Perl 5, and LWP::Simple
from Perl 6, this is a simple class for building HTTP clients
using Perl 6.
It's not based on any of those when it comes to API, but instead
offers a flexible syntax that's easy to use, and easy to extend.
It currently only supports HTTP itself. HTTP+SSL (HTTPS) support
is planned for a future version.
= Usage =
A simple GET request, without an intermetiary Request object:
my $client =;
my $response = $client.get('');
if ($response.success) {
say $response.content;
A more advanced POST application/x-www-form-urlencoded request:
my $client =;
my $request = $; ## Note we are not setting the URI/URL.
## The following line creates Request variables called query and mode.
## You could also do $request.set-content('query=libwww-perl&mode=dist');
## But I think letting the library build your content for you, is nicer.
$request.add-field(:query<libwww-perl>, :mode<dist>);
my $response = $; ## or $$request);
A more advanced POST multipart/form-data request:
my $client =;
my $request = $;
:name("upload"), :filename("file.txt"),
:type("text/plain"), :content("hello world...")
my $response = $;
= Notes =
As seen above, there is no need to build HTTP::Client::Request objects
manually. Just use the appropriate method (get, post, head, put, delete)
or use $client.make-request($method); for methods that don't have methods
As it's name states, this library is specifically for HTTP Clients.
If you want something for building HTTP Servers, see HTTP::Easy.
If you want something for Request/Reponse objects for your Web Application,
see WWW::App. Full disclosure: I wrote both of those libraries too.
Also, there are some weird issues with the IO::Socket::INET library in
the current Rakudo nom, which are affecting connecting to outside servers.
So the tests in the t/ folder currently depend on the HTTP::Easy library,
and in particular, the examples/test.p6 script from HTTP::Easy to be running
before you run the tests.
= Requirements =
* Rakudo Perl 6 <>
* HTTP::Status <>
* MIME::Base64 <>
It should also require:
* URI <>
But at the current time, that module is not compiling under "nom" which
the rest of this is focused on, so for the time being, I'm using a very
limited inline URI grammar instead.
= Author =
Timothy Totten
= License =
Artistic License 2.0