Make HTTP servers (with PSGI support) easily with Perl 6
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Perl 6 libraries to make HTTP servers easily.

This was inspired by HTTP::Server::Simple, but has a very different internal API, and extended functionality. It's been designed to work well with my own Web::App and SCGI libraries. Also see my HTTP::Client library if you are looking for an HTTP client rather than an HTTP server.


A role to build HTTP daemon classes with. This provides the framework for parsing HTTP connections.


A class implementing HTTP::Easy. This builds a PSGI environment, and passes it onto a handler. The handler must return a PSGI response:

  [ $status, @headers, @body ]

This can be used as an engine in the Web::App library.


  use HTTP::Easy::PSGI;
  my $http =;
  my $app = sub (%env)
    my $name = %env<QUERY_STRING> || "World";
    return [ 200, [ 'Content-Type' => 'text/plain' ], [ "Hello $name" ] ];



  • HTTP::Status


  • Implement HTTP/1.1 features such as Transfer-Encoding, etc.


Timothy Totten, supernovus on #perl6,


Artistic License 2.0