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Make HTTP servers (with PSGI support) easily with Perl 6
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Perl 6 libraries to make HTTP servers easily. Inspired by HTTP::Server::Simple.
Eventually this will also include HTTP::Easy::Client but that's not high priority right now.

= HTTP::Easy =

A role to build custom HTTP servers. Provides the framework for parsing HTTP connections.
The classes implementing this must provide the rest, and send the appropriate output.

= HTTP::Easy::PSGI =

A class implementing HTTP::Easy. This builds a PSGI environment, and passes it onto
a handler. The handler must return a PSGI response (e.g.: [ $status, @headers, @body ] )
This can be used as an engine in the WWW::App library.

= HTTP::Easy::SCGI =

A class implementing HTTP::Easy. This uses SCGI::Client to send a request to an SCGI daemon.
It will receive the reply from the SCGI daemon, and parse it accordingly (it automatically
detects if NPH output was returned.)

= Examples =

See the examples in the 'examples/' folder.

= Author =

Timothy Totten

= License =

Artistic License 2.0
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