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Steem Web Wallet

Build Status


Steem Web Wallet, also known as SWW in short. A Steem wallet that can be used on modern web browser, to do micro payment with ease.

With SWW, all transaction are signed on the front end and there is no any backend server involved. Security is top concern of this app.

Demo Page

Master Branch is live on

FAQ at here


This app is still in early phase, so it might have breaking change and buggy. Please use it with care.

Current feature

  • Login and logout with Steem Active Key, the active key is being encrypted with AES and stored in IndexedDB
  • Make transaction with memo
  • Scan QR code to make transaction
  • Generate QR code for transaction
  • Claim discounted account with Resource Credit
  • Progressive Web App (Add to homescreen, manifest.json, cache)
  • Change API in settings
  • Support test net API (implemented, but not tested)

Roadmap (Plan to add soon)

  • Register new account with Claimed Discounted Account or Resource Credit
  • Support more keys (Owner Key)
  • Support multiple account and export account with QR code
  • Encrypted memo for transaction
  • Add Transaction History into Profile
  • Add Currency Conversion
  • End-to-End testing
  • Snapshot testing
  • Progressive Web App (half way done)
  • Change API in the Settings page. (Done but need to add in race condition for failed api call)
  • Reduce Web Sizes by using Preact, GZip, CDN
  • Add Copy to clipboard onto all the input field in the QR code page

Blog update


  • yarn dev or npm run dev to start development server.
  • yarn test or npm run test to test the web app.
  • yarn static or npm run static to generate production version of the app.