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Kubernetes Engineering & Training

We transform companies through Kubernetes engineering and training.

Engineering Services

Let our deeply experienced Kubernetes experts supercharge your engineering team.

Our seasoned experts embed within your team as subject matter experts on all things Kubernetes and DevOps. We help them tackle targeted problems and provide the judgement and expertise they need to de-risk high-profile and challenging projects.

"SuperOrbital was incredible. They really put in the extra effort to ensure our infrastructure was simple, stable, secure and maintainable. We couldn't be happier!" -- Chris Metcalfe, Co-founder, Hedge

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Kubernetes Workshops

Immersive, hands-on, and fully remote

Don't waste your time and money on monotonous, canned training delivered by freshmen hires. SuperOrbital delivers outstanding results each and every time.

We don't believe in static, podium-based training. Instead, SuperOrbital courses immerse your team in an active learning environment where they internalize the lessons through collaboration and hands-on workshops. The end result is knowledge that sticks, and a foundation for true expertise.

"This is the best quality technical training I've ever attended." -- happy student

We provide a curriculum that covers everything your team needs to go from zero to Kubernetes expert. We tailor each workshop to your team's situation and needs, and we're happy to create custom chapters.

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Core Kubernetes

The Value Beyond the Hype

The absolute best Kubernetes workshop on the market. Everything you need to be successful with Kubernetes.


Novice to Container Pro

Stop trolling Stack Overflow. Go beyond docker run and become a Docker expert.

Kubernetes In Production

Security & Availability

Expand on the core. Learn how to secure your Kubernetes cluster and ensure the highest availability for your applications.

Programming K8s

Make Kubernetes Work for You

Embrace Kubernetes as the operating system for the cloud. This workshop will show you how easy it is to customize it to build a platform perfect for your team.


The Godzilla of Service Meshes

Istio can add security, observability, and reliability to your application, but it comes at a cost. Break through the complexity with our Istio workshop.

Containers Demystified

Advanced Systems Programming

Slay the container dragon. Grok the Linux systems programming Docker uses under the hood. Delve into the black arts of namespaces, cgroups, and pivot_root.


Provision Your Way to Victory!

Experience the power of infrastructure-as-code through Terraform. Apply an idempotent workflow to manage massive amounts of resources across multiple clouds with ease.

Learn what makes our workshops so much better than the rest.


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