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SimpleCaptcha is the simplest and a robust captcha plugin. Its implementation requires adding up a single line in views and in controllers/models. SimpleCaptcha is available to be used with Rails 3 or above and also it provides the backward compatibility with previous versions of Rails.


  • Zero FileSystem usage(secret code moved to db-store and image storage removed).

  • Provides various image styles.

  • Provides three level of complexity of images.

  • Works absolutely fine in distributed environment(session and db based implementation works fine in distributed environment).

  • Implementation is as easy as just writing a single line in your view. “<%= show_simple_captcha %>” within the 'form' tags.

  • Flexible DOM and CSS handling(There is a separate view partial for rednering SimpleCaptcha DOM elements).

  • Automated removal of 1 hour old unmatched simple_captcha data.



rails plugin install git://


After installation, follow these simple steps to setup the plugin. The setup will depend on the version of rails your application is using.

rails generate simple_captcha

rake db:migrate


Controller Based

Add the following line in the file “app/controllers/application.rb”

ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  include SimpleCaptcha::ControllerHelpers

In the view file within the form tags add this code

<%= show_simple_captcha %>

and in the controller's action authenticate it as

if simple_captcha_valid?
  do this
  do that

Model Based

In the view file within the form tags write this code

<%= show_simple_captcha(:object=>"user") %>

and in the model class add this code

class User < ActiveRecord::Basse

FormBuilder helper

<%= form_for @user do |form| -%>
  <%= form.simple_captcha :label => "Enter numbers.." %>
<% end -%>

Validating with captcha

NOTE: @user.valid? will still work as it should, it will not validate the captcha code.


Saving with captcha

NOTE: will still work as it should, it will not validate the captcha code.


Formtastic integration

SimpleCaptcha detects if your use Formtastic and appends “SimpleCaptcha::CustomFormBuilder”.

<%= form.input :captcha, :as => :simple_captcha %>

Options & Examples

View Options

  • label - provides the custom text b/w the image and the text field, the default is “type the code from the image”

  • object - the name of the object of the model class, to implement the model based captcha.

Global options

  • image_style - provides the specific image style for the captcha image.

There are eight different styles available with the plugin as…

1) simply_blue
2) simply_red
3) simply_green
4) charcoal_grey
5) embosed_silver
6) all_black
7) distorted_black
8) almost_invisible

Default style is 'simply_blue'. You can also specify 'random' to select the random image style.

  • distortion - handles the complexity of the image. The :distortion can be set to 'low', 'medium' or 'high'. Default is 'low'.

Create “rails_root/config/initializers/simple_captcha.rb”

SimpleCaptcha.setup do |sc|
  # default: 100x28
  sc.image_size = '120x40'

  # default: 5
  sc.length = 6

  # default: simply_blue
  # possible values:
  # 'embosed_silver',
  # 'simply_red',
  # 'simply_green',
  # 'simply_blue',
  # 'distorted_black',
  # 'all_black',
  # 'charcoal_grey',
  # 'almost_invisible'
  # 'random'
  sc.image_style = 'simply_green'

  # default: low
  # possible values: 'low', 'medium', 'high', 'random'
  sc.distortion = 'medium'

You can add your own style:

SimpleCaptcha.setup do |sc|
  sc.image_style = 'mycaptha'
  sc.add_image_style('mycaptha', [
      "-background '#F4F7F8'", 
      "-fill '#86818B'",
      "-border 1",
      "-bordercolor '#E0E2E3'"])

How to change the CSS for SimpleCaptcha DOM elements?

You can change the CSS of the SimpleCaptcha DOM elements as per your need in this file.


View's Examples

Controller Based Example

<%= show_simple_captcha %>

<%= show_simple_captcha(:label => "human authentication") %>

Model Based Example

<%= show_simple_captcha(:object => 'user', :label => "human authentication") %>

Model Options

  • message - provides the custom message on failure of captcha authentication the default is “Secret Code did not match with the Image”

  • add_to_base - if set to true, appends the error message to the base.

Model's Example
class User < ActiveRecord::Base

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  apply_simple_captcha :message => "The secret Image and code were different", :add_to_base => true

Who's who?

Enjoy the simplest captcha implementation.

Author: Sur



Plugin Homepage:

Plugin update for rails 3:

Any feedback/comment/issue/donation is welcome!